Advantages You Get By Having 711 Franchise

Convenience stores are now everywhere. However, 7-Eleven Inc is one of the biggest corporation which also provides franchise system. It’s a promising business that you can run in your place. There are many advantages you can get once your 711 Franchise application is accepted.

  • You will receive a license to use the service mark 7-Eleven.

  • You and your employess will receive training program on how to operate the store.

  • You will receive continuing advice and assistance on operating a store.

  • Learn bookkeeping services.

  • 7 Eleven will provide assistance on store inventory auditing.

  • Guide in financing management.

  • Guide in merchandising assistance

  • Support advertising, etc.

Here is the estimation for the 7-11 franschise fee or 7 11 franchise cost or 7 Eleven franchise cost that you should include in your finance plan:

  • Initial fee is $1,000,000

  • Training Expenses is $9,000

  • Down Payment for Opening Inventory is $20,000

  • Additional Opening Inventory is $13,200-$48,100

  • Cash Register Fund is $300-$5,00

  • Store Supplies is $250-$2,000

  • License and Permits is $8,000

For your information, there two different types of franchise system provided by 7-Eleven. So make sure that you choose the one that really fits your needs and goals. Start your business plan for 711 Franchise now.

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